About Me

I am Reza Hashemigahrouei an Iranian entrepreneur born in Ahvaz (a city in the southwest of Iran, and the capital of the oil and natural gas wealthy Khuzestan province) in July 1986. From my secondary school I have started learning English as a foreign Language. Last year of my High School I have changed my subject from chemistry to computer science and I have finished my High School in 2003 and get my Diploma on computer science. I have started my university in 2004 on software engineer but I left my university after one semester. I have studied IT on private colleges and institutes.

As I had some entrepreneur’s experiences from my High school (I have been the leader and Manager of Young Researchers community of Khuzestan province), I have founded my first business (MPAS) on IT in 2004 in Isfahan. I have been successful on this business and give me this chance to found my second business (MICL IR) on Immigration consulting, study abroad and visa services in 2008 in Shiraz. I have started teaching computer in Shiraz University for a year from 2007 to 2008 but the other teachers’ claim to the head of department because of my age and I was single so I could not continue on teaching in university on that time. I have moved to London (United Kingdom) and found the third business (MICL UK) on International businesses in 2009 in London to connecting my other businesses to international market.

After a few years I have founded the fourth business (MICL US) in 2014 in Delaware in USA to improve our cooperation with western countries specially US regions.

As we grow up day by day by our services and our clients around the globe and our knowledge and skills help us to have better community and connections with them, we innovate and improved our services and help other entrepreneurs and start ups to be in depended by our consulting. We also help other businesses to have a better gain on their market.

I have been involve in education market to help investors and managers to run their schools, colleges and institutes from 2005 and I knew that if I want to make a good change on the market we should develop our educations as I could not start my higher education in a good ranked university and it was the main reason that I left my university. I decide to make a real and big change on education market and education systems around the world. This idea has been developed since 2005 till now and I have founded the fifth business (CUA – Cambridge Universal Academy) in 2015 in Truro in United Kingdom. I did not have enough gains from the other businesses to invest in this new business to run it. I have do lots of research for CUA and keep it private till now.

I have founded the sixth business (R & Z Global) in 2016 in Tallinn in Republic of Estonia. We start to do more consulting on IT projects, branding, establishing international businesses for our clients, national and international patent for inventors, making partnerships with other service providers to expand our service and have a big variety of services to keep running our businesses and guarantee our daily costs.

I know that in this days our world need a big change to have a good revolution on economic market and people’s life and it will not happen without right education. Our world has been changed as quickly as the people could not change themselves and learn about new world. IT has been changed the life globally and we should make a good platform for educators, colleges, universities, institutes and businesses to have the best quality of education with up to date contents and new methods of learning to their learners, students and employees.

We believes on humanities, people’s right, fare education without borders, international thinking to improve international market, So we are going to have something innovative to international market.

I had lots of experiences as a teacher, advisor, consoler, leader, speaker, negotiator, and participate in seminars and meetings around the world.